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Loyola University (New Orleans, La.)


The Loyola University New Orleans University Photographs Collection is comprised of photographs dating back to the early 20th century from Loyola's University Archives. Early photographs include some taken by famed New Orleans photographer E.J. Bellocq. Since 1949, the university has employed an official photographer. While a large part of the photographs in the collection come from these university employees, many photographs in the collection are unidentified. When the photographer is known, photos will be credited to that person. Unidentified photos will be credited to the university.

Russ Cresson was the university photographer from 1949 to 1987. A native New Orleanian and a 1938 graduate of Warren Easton High School, Cresson served in the Navy in the Pacific during World War II. In 1946 he joined the wave of veterans entering Loyola on the GI Bill. While pursuing a degree in business and playing on the Wolfpack baseball team, he began working as the unofficial university photographer, taking pictures for the yearbook and The Maroon and photographing campus and administrative activities. When he graduated in 1949, Loyola hired him as its first full-time university photographer. In 1983 he received the Coadjutor Optimus, given annually to an outstanding member of the university staff, and in 2004 he received the Adjutor Hominum, which is presented by the alumni association to an outstanding alumnus.

As an undergraduate, Tracy Smith served as assistant to Cresson, assuming the position of University Photographer after Cresson's retirement. Smith served as University Photographer from 1987-1989.

In 1989 Harold Baquet became Loyola’s university photographer. He was born in Charity Hospital, grew up first in the Treme and then in the Seventh Ward, attended Corpus Christi school and church, and graduated from St. Augustine High School. As a young man he plunged into the profession as an independent photojournalist. A few years later he became the official photographer to the Mayor of the City of New Orleans, a position he held from 1984 to 1989 under Ernest N. Morial and then Sidney J. Barthelemy. With the possible exception of the university president, no figure on campus is better known or more respected than Baquet. Befitting his many contributions and his dedication to the university’s mission, Loyola presented him with two of its highest awards: the Coadjutor Optimus in 2002 and the President’s Medal in 2010.

Photographs from the Dr. Edward Wynne Photograph Collection are also included. Dr. Edward W. Wynne was an Arts & Science graduate of Loyola University in 1939. According to his son, Michael D. Wynne, Dr. Wynne was the school’s photographer during the late 1930s.


Loyola University (New Orleans, La.)


Loyola University (New Orleans, La.)


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New Orleans (La.)

Collection Items

Engineers atop London Repair
Engineers inspect the London Avenue Canal following Hurricane Katrina

St. Claude Street Looking Uptown
Flooded St. Claude Avenue following Hurricane Katrina

Captain Bill's Market
Flooded Captain Bill's Seafood Market following Hurricane Katrina;
In New Orleans devastated Ninth Ward community, a neighborhood staple, Captain Bill's Seafood Market on North Claiborne Avenue and Tupelo Street was known for its spicy hot boiled…

Untitled Photograph
Grounded boat following Hurricane Katrina

Untitled Photograph
Flooding and vehicle damage following Hurricane Katrina

Chief Al Morris
Chief Al Morris following Hurricane Katrina;
Chief of the Northside Skulls, a bone gang that marches on Mardi Gras day in elaborate handmade skeleton costumes, asked that we invite the "entire city" to meet him on Fat Tuesday morning outside the old…

Thanks Soldier
National Guardsmen distribute supplies following Hurricane Katrina;
Sixty-three-year-old Joseph Lewis receives three MRE’s and a few bottles of water from passing Guardsman. Residents have complained that local police have told them to evacuate,…

Untitled Photograph
National Guardsmen in front of Marquette Hall following Hurricane Katrina

Untitled Photograph
National Guardsmen train in front of Marquette Hall following Hurricane Katrina

Untitled Photograph
National Guardsmen in front of Holy Name of Jesus Church following Hurricane Katrina
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