Harry Ferdinand Barrell Scrapbook

Harry Ferdinand Barrell (1858-1940) was born in Warwick, Orange County, New York.  He received an A.B., M.A., Ph.D. and LL.B., all from Columbia University.  Mr. Barrell was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1889 and practiced law in that state for many years.  He was a descendant of several prominent Revolutionary War veterans, and early settlers of New England.  Mr. Barrell never married, but his scrapbook reveals a man with a strong interest in homemaking and children.

Harry F. Barrell Scrapbook: Pictures and Journals

Anthony J. Stanonis Travel Scrapbook and Diary Collection (Box 22, Collection 65)

The scrapbook displayed is an unusual book in that it appears to be the work of more than one person over a period of time. From the Anthony Stanonis Scrapbook Collection, its format spans the scrapbooking traditions of the early nineteenth century into the twentieth.

The initial portion of the book contains clippings ranging from across the nineteenth century, some as early as 1812, and assembled in the style of a commonplace book. The remainder of the volume appears to be assembled and written by Harry F. Barrell (1858-1940) and the presence of colorful images conforms to the classic late nineteenth and early twentieth-century scrapbooking style. Also included are many photographs of Barrell with family members and children, as well as his handwritten account of his journey from California to New Orleans in 1926.

Commonplace Books

Commonplace books were used to compile information that the creator wished to retain, such as notable quotes and poems, activities undertaken, or practical household information like recipes or medicines.  This manner of collecting information can be seen as far back as the 15th century.  The Barrell commonplace book is primarily composed of mid-nineteenth century newspaper clippings relating to keeping house, home remedies for various illnesses and remarkable news items such as the “Sea Monster” pictured here.

Harry Ferdinand Barrell Scrapbook