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YWCA honoring Janet Mary Riley.

Article by Janet Mary Riley, reprinted from Tulane Law Review, acting as a call to action on part of the Louisiana Legistator for equality amoung the sexes. Riley is especially concerened with the "Head and Master" rule and Louisiana's legislation in…

Newspaper article from The Times-Picayune, "Vivant" section, on Sunday, November 2, 1986 about female sucess in law. It follows specific women, including Janet Mary Riley and Myra Bradwell. Includes photo of Janet Mary Riley, the first female law…

Pamphlet advertising for "The New Woman in Louisiana Law," a program put on by the Metropolitan New Orleans YWCA and the Association for Women Attorneys and funded by the Louisiana Committee for the Humanities.

Pamphlet produced by the Louisiana Committee for the Humanities outlining a series of programs and seminars concerning "The Louisiana Woman and Her Changing Society."

Correspondence between Gertrude "Gertie" Lorio Beauford and Janet Mary Riley. Beauford thanks Riley for her support of the E.R.A.

JMR_Society of Our Lady of the Way.pdf
Brochure advertising the Society of Our Lady of the Way, a secular institute of working women in the Roman Catholic Church.

Reprint of quote for exhibit use.

Reprint of a quote for exhibit use.

Reprint of quote for exhibit use.
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